Picture an easy way to add revenue to your business

From Generation X to Z, people are taking more pictures than ever before. Cameras phones, our constant companions, have meant every moment has become photographable. And people are certainly taking advantage of that. Before, one picture was enough — although it was anyone’s guess how good it would turn out. Now, multiple pictures will be snapped, series, bursts, panoramic images — and multiple are not only good, but print-worthy. But there’s the rub. People are snapping more pictures, enjoying instant gratification, but they have been printing few pictures these day. We have been capturing the moment but not savoring the memory.

But the pendulum is swinging back. People are getting their pictures off their cameras for some specific purposes, such as creating gifts for others, making their own Christmas and greeting cards and using the photos as home decor. And as the phone-camera photographers age, they are realizing that leaving their pictures on their phones prevents their family history from being passed on. They are going through the first stages of seeing the technology they grew up with fall and vanish as the higher tech stuff takes its place. And with that, the ability to access those slices of memory should they want them gets more difficult.

As photo takers rediscover the beauty, versatility and even significance of prints, businesses can discovery an expansion and diversifying opportunity.

Businesses that can carve out a corner for a seat and a PrintMates Kiosk can immediately diversify and create a new profit stream. And because people looking for machines with the technology of the PrintMates Kiosk, a business owning one has the potential to attract new customers.

A PrintMates Kiosk gives customers the ability to print high-quality matte or gloss photos in an array of sizes directly from their phone or their social media pages. It’s easy enough that no employee service is required. Once customers have prints in their hands, they will return to use your service time and time again.

The potential for businesses providing customers with a way to quickly and easily get prints in their hands, and in their memory books and frames, is huge. About 1.2 trillion photos are taken every year. The photo printing market is set to exceed $4.5 billion worldwide. Learn more about the affordable high-tech PrintMates Kiosk and how to acquire one.