3 Big Reasons to Print Your Photos | Print Mobile Photos

A picture is worth a thousand words goes the old saying. In reality, photos aren’t worth anything if they’re if they’re stuck on a broken piece of technology. Digital technology has blessed us with enhanced photo capabilities without the security that your memories should command. Give your photos a tangible presence and protect them from accidental mishaps. Here are some compelling reasons to print before it’s too late.

Outdated Technology

Technology is ever-changing. Smartphones are now rendered obsolete every couple of years. OS updates, charging cords, and newer apps may not even work on phones three years old or more. You probably have a bunch of pictures you took on an iPhone two generations ago but can’t access them because the new cable doesn’t work. Now what? Fortunately in this case you can pickup a converter like this one and print directly from your newer model.

Before the Crash

Technology is fallible. Servers crash which means anything you keep in the cloud is at risk. Social media sites tend to keep your data on multiple servers but if your photos are stored on a local network or sketchy third-party cloud tool the chances that something can happen are pretty high. Back them up with portable hard drives and print them for safe keeping.

Accidents are Inevitable

Millions of cell phones are lost or destroyed every year. From natural disasters to dropping yours in the toilet, accidents account for the largest percentage of dead phones and lost photos. But what about backing your photos up? A recent study showed that 1 in 4 users don’t ever backup their data and those that do tend to only do so on a yearly basis. People that do use a backup tool might forget where they are, or back them up with companies that then go out of business (RIP Kodak Gallery).

So print your photos and keep them safe in an album, where you always know how to access them!